How Do I Fix the Windows 10 Taskbar Glitches?

If you are also going through difficulty regarding the Windows 10 Taskbar and its glitch, then let you know that this is a very common problem faced by many Windows users. There are some common problems listed here which a lot of users have complained about window taskbar 

  1. Can't click on desktop icons, making the taskbar unusable. 
  2. The frozen taskbar stops reverting and responding to your command.
  3. Can’t click on desktop and specific buttons like right-click will no longer be able to use disabling access to some program.
  4. Search feature stops working where you are no longer able to use a written or audio feature of search. 
  5. Missing icons will make you lose all your pinned icons to the taskbar. 
  6. Cortana fails. 

Steps to Fix the Window 10 Taskbar 

The most used solution is to restarting windows explorer 

  • First, press Ctrl, shift and Esc all altogether. 
  • Now you’ll have the task manager option, click it.
  • Go to process feature, click on windows explorer, right-click on and pick the end task.
  • At the end of the process, you’ll find your taskbar re-launching within a while. 

If the above methods don’t help you out, we got you another alternate method here, 

  • Boot your device whether PC/Laptop/any.
  • If you find an add-on that is creating an issue, remove it. 
  • Via this step, your taskbar would be clear of triggering issues and hopefully will be fixed.

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