How Do I Add An Extension To An iPhone?

How are you, dear reader? Are you vexed with dialing a certain contact’s extension every time you want to make a call? Don’t worry if the answer goes in the affirmative, because you can add an extension to an iPhone

Add Phone Number Extension in iPhone

Adding a phone number extension in the iPhone is very simple. If you want to know how can you do phone extension work, follow these easy steps

  • Open the iPhone contact app

  • Tap on the name that you wish to add an extension to.

  • On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you will see an Edit option. Tap on it

  • Clicking on the phone number of your contact, the dial paid will appear

  • The cursor should be positioned after the number 

  •  On the left-hand corner, click on the +*# button then on the pause button 

  • At the end of the number of your contact, a comma will appear

  • At last, enter the extension for automatic call

  • Now hit the Done 

  • That’s it! Now do not need to worry about dialing numbers, again and again, the phone number extension will do it for you. 

How to use the “Wait” button?

The “Wait” button helps you to control different phone systems. For instance, if you have updated your contacts’ 

settings or are dialing with a new contact, it will take comparatively a lot of time to dial the extension. But the Wait button will wait till your next signal to dial extensions. 

For using the Wait button, follow the same directions as mentioned above for adding extensions. However, in the last step, where you need to tap on the pause button to add the contact to the extension, just click on the wait button. 

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